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learn Japanese for free with flashcards!

Learn Japanese with your favorite medias for free!

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Mainingu is a new online flashcard app allowing to learn Japanese for free using your favorite native anime or drama. Each flashcard includes a Japanese sentence with a hidden word, a video clip and a translation. The student tries to understand the hidden word pronounced in the audio track.

Learn with your favorite anime and dramas

The reason why most of students fail is often because they lose their motivation on the way. Mainingu allows to learn Japanese based on the student favorite medias instead of boring textbooks or word lists.

Basic Japanese phrases in context

Sometimes learning sentences from textbooks or frequency word lists leads to a lack of "feeling" of the context. In Mainingu each flashcard contains its specific video context helping the student to feel every scene and link it to the sentence. Each word becomes more deeply inked in the student's memory and he/she knows more precisely when to use it in real life.

Spaced repetition flashcards

spaced repetition system (SRS)
Native videos are great for listening practice but the format is not adapted for active learning. Mainingu overcomes this issue by splitting such long videos into a selection of short clips contained in flashcards that can be reviewed conveniently using spaced repetition system (SRS).

Check each word details in one click

For each Japanese phrase displayed, Mainingu gives the student the possibility to click on each word to inquire about its details: definition, frequency, JLPT level (N5,N4… ), conjugation analysis, etc.
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